A Long Road Home Synopsis

When Christie Weber planned her future, she sure hadn’t planned on ending up where she had started. She’d pictured bright lights and the big city. A husband who adored her. An endless stream of hallmark moments. Cupcakes, rainbows, and cherubic children in matching dresses.

And for a minute she’d had it–or at least she’d thought she had.

The email from her husband effectively ending their ten year marriage rips Christie from the illusion of idyllic bliss. Her exciting, sophisticated, urban world fades into pink and purple wisps of smoke. She had been living a lie–and she hadn’t even known it.

Despite her intense desire to pull the covers over her head, Christie recognizes that her two small children leave little time for self pity. Sometimes life sucked. But what were you going to do? Curl into a bitter little ball and whine about how badly it sucked?  Nah. Not Christie.

Against every instinct she has, she boxes up her crazy, shoves it onto the back-shelf of her brain, and determines that she will do what she swore she would never do: move back to Wentzville, WI. Even if it means moving in with her parents.

Wentzville: Population 2,823–Christie’s own worst alternate reality. Home of the Wentzville Timberwolves. Setting for the most embarrassing moments of her young life. Uncultured. Unhip. Un-everything. But for her kids, she’ll do it. For them she’ll do anything–even become a townie. 

She struggles to adjust to her new reality. A passively aggressive and emotionally cold mother. A tragically limited dating pool. The boy who stood her up for prom. Her old nemesis. A town where everyone knows everything–even when they don’t.

A series of romantic mishaps and a string of plans gone awry finally convince Christie that she’s gotten it all wrong. Success and happiness are found not in the photoshopped lives we portray, but in the messy and authentic lives we live.