You Never Can Tell What Your Kids Might Pick Up From You . . .

                Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good bargain. My motto is “Why buy new when you can buy almost new for a fraction of the price?” It’s as much about the hunt as the purchase. It’s a game of sorts, and there is a high that comes from stumbling on a new with tags Macy’s cocktail dress that looks amazing on you for ten bucks at the local thrift store (Yeah, that happened last week 🙂 ). I mean seriously, how can you not love that?

            Since our family has had some hard economic times the last few years, I have become quite the pro at finding exactly what I want at the price tag I can afford. I started with garage sales (way too hit and miss), graduated to ebay and since moving to Dallas where everything is truly bigger and better, the fun has really exploded. Dallas thrift stores are simply way too much fun!

            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t settle. The things I buy are not only top brand, but they look brand new. Thanks to craigslist, my home is filled with Pottery Barn and Bombay Company furniture that I paid next to nothing for. My kids closets are full not only of Gap and Crew Cuts clothing but even the harder to find top brands like Narrtjie, TEA and even a few Deux Par Deux and Matilda Jane dresses. Like I said, I take the hunt seriously and I know my brands! 🙂

            What I didn’t realize is that my little recreation would rub off on my children.

            I was chatting on the phone with my husband the other day when I noticed that my seven year old son was on the computer. Normally, that wouldn’t phase me. However, being that Gavin lost his gaming privileges due to a VERY bad week at school, I not only noticed, but instantly assumed that he was defying us by playing anyway.

            With extreme wariness I asked Gavin what he was doing. His answer floored me.

            “I’m on mom. I’m looking for some Batman toys.”

            I stared at him. He’s seven after all.

            “I can get this Batman for $1.50 and it’s way more than that at the store.”

            I couldn’t help laughing and I filled my husband in on what was going on. My husband responded that it was a good thing that Gavin didn’t know my password as Gavin said, “Mom, I want to put a bid on this. What’s your password?”

            “There is no way I’m giving you my password!”

            “That’s okay, I’ll try the password you use for the computer.”

            I was very glad that my ebay account predated my current password trend or I might have a nightmare on my hands! Though I’m thrilled that my son is learning wise money habits from me, I can’t help but shake my head and wonder if I’m inadvertently creating a monster?!


5 thoughts on “You Never Can Tell What Your Kids Might Pick Up From You . . .

  1. This is something my boys would do! I looked over at the computer on Friday, and String Bean was adding things to his ToysRUs wish list. He looked at me and said, “What? At least you will get me the right things for my birthday.” Which isn’t until November, by the way!

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