South Padre Island: My Attempt at Spontaneity Part 2 Mommy Epic Fail Number 1

As you can well imagine, the kids were up with the first hint of sunlight. Sadly, mom and dad just wanted to bury our heads back beneath the covers. Though we missed the worst of the spring breakers, we did not miss them all and what I would have given for the blissful childhood sleep of the dead that my children are blessed with! But, nope, this Mama got to hear all the drunken hoots and hollers of the college mating ritual. Seriously, it’s like watching a bunch of peacocks strutting around showing off their goods hoping to catch the right eye. To an old married woman like me, well, it seemed rather ridiculous! (Though, I have to admit, I do remember wearing some awfully short skirts and laughing a little too loud in the campus mailroom to get my husband’s attention . . . )

Still, our kids were persistent and they were not going to let us sleep past 8:00 no matter which cartoons were on, so I rubbed my gritty eyes, threw on the first pair of jeans I could find and threw my hair in a ponytail and stumbled down to our continental breakfast.

Now, I admit, I am a coffee snob. Even Starbucks brewed at home seems kind of weak to me and I find myself adding more grounds to give it some real octane (we’ve actually upgraded to Peet’s, a bit spendy, but well worth it!). I wasn’t expecting much from hotel coffee, but I was expecting coffee that I could ingest.

I stumbled down to the breakfast area and made a beeline to the coffee bar. With great anticipation for my caffeine fix, I poured the coffee and took a drink, only to spew it all over the counter. It was filled with grounds. Every single morning, it was filled with grounds.

Coffee is not a hard thing to make, and it would seem to me, that many a hotel will be reviewed on their coffee as the world seems to be filled with coffee addicts like myself. And I have to say, though the hotel was great in every other way, they got a big, fat F when it came to their coffee! I went through most of my vacation in a lack of coffee haze as there wasn’t even a Starbucks anywhere that could rectify this sad situation.

After our otherwise fine breakfast experience, the kids were all but jumping up and down in anticipation of their first glimpse of the ocean. Being that it is still early spring and the mornings are still a bit chilly, I put everyone in jeans thinking that we would look, maybe get our feet a little wet and then build some sandcastles until it warmed up a little bit more.

I should have known better. The kids took one look and ran straight in, jeans and all. Little Lily’s jeans became so sodden that they kept tangling around her ankles. She made for quite the morning’s entertainment. Many a passerby had a great big chuckle at her predicament (myself included!)

It was at about that point that Aaron ran back to our room, grabbed their swimsuits and we found a secluded place to quickly change out the wet stuff for the swimsuits.

There was only one problem. Since we hadn’t planned to let them in the water until the afternoon, we hadn’t brought the sunscreen with us. We thought about it, looked up at the sunny, but not very intense, sky and determined that the kids would be fine for an hour or two.

Boy, were we wrong! My poor little babies turned into regular lobsters, while I, still in my jeans and long sleeve, light weight cotton beach shirt just got a little pink around the face. Boy did I feel like a heel! To steal a term from one of my favorite shows, “Vampire Diaries,” total epic fail in the Mommy department!

Still, with the help of layers and gobs of aloe, the sunburn did not deter the kids’ passion and carefree joy of their first experience at the beach (well at least an ocean beach, the others barely count in my book!) Their sheer pleasure in it all only added to my own.

Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean!

There really is nothing like some sunshine, the sound of the crashing waves and the bright colors of a kite in a blue sky to help you feel like all is right with the world. At least, for that moment, time seems to stand still and no worries or difficulties are allowed in. No wonder people love the beach! 😀


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