South Padre Island: My Attempt at Spontaneity Part 1

I am not a spontaneous person by nature. I tend to be a planner, even for things that I can’t possibly plan for. I go over all the possibilities and try to anticipate all our reactions and thus be ready for all eventualities. I’m kind of obsessive about it actually.

I decided to throw all my typical OCD out the window and be spontaneous last week. I’ve been missing my sense of adventure lately, so last Tuesday I said to my husband, “Why don’t we go to South Padre this weekend?”

It was time we had some adventure back in our lives! The kids were old enough now that they could be part of our adventure instead of just keeping us from it! I was so pumped about the idea!

He kind of stared at me. “This weekend? Isn’t that kind of far for a last minute thing?”

With a little bit of sweet talking, I convinced him that it would work. The kids have been dying to see the ocean. It was the perfect time, right before he starts his new job and has to wait God only knows how long for his vacation time, right before tech week before his latest show starts, and most importantly, right before the island starts hopping with all the spring breakers. It was perfect! All we had to do was wait to make the new job official so that we weren’t counting our chickens before they hatched so to speak, and we were good to go!

Well, as always, nothing ever goes as you want it to, especially when you are doing it last minute! We were hoping to leave about noon on Friday. Unfortunately, Aaron’s new employer decided to wait until 4:30 Friday night to make it official. It was too late to make a 9 hour drive. It was hard not to be bummed.

I was not ready to throw in the towel. We’d just make some adjustments . . .

It’s okay! We’d just leave in the morning.

Or maybe not. See, one of the dangers about spontaneity is that unexpected things always seem to happen.

The hotel we were planning to stay at had filled up. We called another hotel. They were full too. We began to consider that maybe we had been a bit crazy to be this spontaneous. Maybe we should wait a bit and go back to my old planner self.

I stared at my planner. And I stared some more. I flipped the pages back and forth, but it didn’t help.

Nope. It was now or never. We’d have to wait until next year if we didn’t make it happen now. I went back to my laptop and kept looking.

Finally I found a hotel that was not only in our price range, but had good reviews too. We were on!

Instead of leaving early am, we were stuck with starting a nine hour drive at 2:30 in the afternoon. Not ideal, but doable.

Luckily our kids travel well. Though inevitably, Lily seems to hit a point of boredom where the coloring books, movies and books simply aren’t working anymore. That is when she decides to wreak havoc. On Saturday it was by dumping the big bag of trail mix over the floorboards of my newly vacuumed jeep. Sigh.

I suppose that would seem like a great source of entertainment to a three year old. In fact, she found it so funny, that she soon upended the big box of crayons as well which she followed up with her charming little pirate smile as if to say, “But you simply can’t get angry at this cute, little face, can you?”

And she was right. I couldn’t. I was too excited about our little get away to get angry with anybody.

The rest of our drive was pretty much uneventful until we hit Port Isobel which is about five minutes from South Padre Island. It was after 11:00 and we had hit that point where we just wanted to be there. We were already anticipating the big fluffy beds waiting for us.

Unfortunately, it was just then that a camper decided to burst into flames and we had to wait for 30 minutes for the fire department to put it out. (Actually to be fair, it only took them 20 minutes to put it out, but it did take them 10 minutes to show up!)

You would have thought it was a party or something the way people spilled out of the hotel to gawk. Soon there was an almost festive air while all the bystanders stood around chatting and laughing while they watched it burn. I guess there must not be much entertainment in Port Isobel!

Soon we were back on our way and then had nothing more to do except convince the kids that midnight was too late for a quick walk on the beach. Not necessarily an easy task! But we pulled it off! 😀


One thought on “South Padre Island: My Attempt at Spontaneity Part 1

  1. I seem to remember more to the story of that Saturday than you shared…what was it… I hate it when I have something at the tip of my mind…

    We got ready…I called the hotel…there was no room at the inn…

    I don’t know, but when I think of it, I’ll let you know. You are right though…it was a blast!

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