The Versatile Blogger Award: the Behemoth of WordPress!!

So, any of you who check me out regularly, know that I received the versatile blogger award a few days ago. You also know that so far I have only followed half the rules in the blog I wrote (check it out!). I promised in said blog that I would follow up with the fifteen people to receive the blog next. Well, here’s the deal. As I started to compile my list, I began to realized that the Versatile Blogger award has become a behemoth of a thing.

Everyone and their brother seems to have received the award, not only once upon a time, but recently. Several people who I was going to pass it on to, had won it in the last week, a couple of them yesterday!

Well, I decided to hell with the rules! I’m not going to pass on the award like I’m supposed to to fifteen people. What I am going to do is throw out links to some of my favorite bloggers and I will even highlight some of my favorite blogs that they have posted. If they want to follow the official rules and all that, I guess I am technically passing the award on to them, but like I said, a few have already received it recently.

And, just to be clear, it is not that I don’t appreciate getting a bit of recognition. I certainly want to thank jeandayfriday for thinking I’m good enough to recommend to others!! I just think maybe nominating fifteen people kind of makes it like the kindergarten soccer team where everyone gets a trophy even if you never won a game and can’t manage to kick the ball without falling down! 🙂

Also, there are a great many other bloggers that I could have added to this list. Please, if I didn’t include you on the list, do not take it personally. Remember, I am a stay at home mother and while I write this my child has destroyed my house! I need to cut this short, mop up the spilled milk all over the kitchen floor and start scrubbing the crayon off the walls and the dresser. Sigh. . .  SO, this list is in no way comprehensive!!! I love all my word press peeps! 🙂

But here is the list of some of the blogs I think you would enjoy checking out!

1. aarongraham He is one of the most versaitle bloggers I have seen (and he just happens to be my husband to boot! 🙂 ). Whether he is writing something moving or profound, interesting or lmao funny he’ll have you hooked with one look!

2. The illustrious Christa Banister is a novelist, freelance writer and film/book critic who also happens to be one of my two best friends in the whole world. She’s witty, ironic and the queen of pop culture!

3. Glennon Melton is my emotional/spiritual doppelganger. I fell in love with her on my first read. Here is another one of my favorites. You can’t help but love her real, often raw, so very authentic view on God, the world and life in general.

4. Elisheva Sokolic Is an excellent writer. She mainly focuses on parenting, but anything she writes tends to be worth a read. Here is a link to my favorite of her posts.

5. Shoes on the Wrong Feet is one of my more recent finds. (Well, actually, I guess she found me, but I’m glad she did!) She has an excellent way with words. You will enjoy what she puts out there!

6. urban-faerie always has interesting, well thought out posts, especially if you love fantasy

7. badlandsbadley never fails to make me laugh. When I’m having a bad day, I search out his blog to get me laughing. Here are two of my favorites by him: and

8. ivebecomemyparents Again, another funny blog who tends to blog about things everyone can relate to. Definitely woth a read! Here’s one of my personal favorites!

9. lifewithblondie.wordpress Witty, fun and real, she’s always fun to read!

10. roboticrhetoric Again, here is a blog that always makes me laugh! Very witty guy!

I hope you all enjoy what they have written as much as I have!


3 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award: the Behemoth of WordPress!!

  1. I know what you mean about the rules – fifteen is a lot – and I, too, have sat through many kindergarten soccer games. Ugh! Congrats to you! I love your blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

  2. Oh, well thank you for the recognition! I like how you handled this as sometimes the awards get a bit crazy with all the rules. After all it is truly all about passing along some blogging love and sharing your favorites finds. I am glad to see I made your list (although, yes technically, I believe I found you first). 🙂

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