Aww . . .Shucks Folks! I’m Speechless!

Yesterday I was surprised to find that I had been nominated for an award! I am now the recipient of “the versatile blogger” award! To mark this momentous occasion, I decided to take my little peep to the dinosaur park so that she can run and play while I write my “Aww . . . shucks!” blog . 😀

Of course, being that this award is a not so subtle attempt to promote not only my blog, but the blogoshere, there are a list of rules that we are supposed to follow when we accept this award. First off, here is a shout out to jeandayfriday for nominating me! I’m glad you stumbled on my little corner of the blogging world and decided that you liked what you saw. Thank you!

The next step in accepting this award is to share seven things about myself. So, here goes nothing:

1. My favorite fact about myself is that I have been to sixteen different countries, though oddly enough our neighbors Canada and Mexico are not on that list. My favorite place is Italy. It really is everything it is cracked up to be. It is beautiful, full of history and art, the people are great, the food is wonderful, and the climate is heavenly. I would move there at a moment’s notice if I had the chance.

2. I spent the first twenty years of my life proclaiming that I had no artistic ability, only to find out one day, when I actually tried to draw something, that I am quite good. According to an artist friend of mine, I am actually good enough to make my living at it if I put a little training behind my raw talent. Lesson here, don’t assume you can’t do something if you haven’t even tried!

3. I have very large hands and feet. My feet are, in fact, so large, that when my sandals broke while I was in Bangladesh, I became the laughingstock of the local shoe store. They took one look at these monsters and started laughing, much to my chagrin. The biggest pair of men’s shoes they had on the floor were too small. They had to go up to the attic and dig up the largest pair that they didn’t even bother keeping on the floor since no one had feet that big. Yep. Way to help a girl’s ego there! In my defense the average man there is about 5’6” so I was like a giant in the land of Lilliput, but still . . .

My hands also have a story. In college, a guy decided they would make a great pick up line. Seriously. He declared that just like Jerry Seinfeld’s women, I was absolutely perfect but for one oddity, my large hands. Thus, he had nicknamed me, a huge compliment in his opinion since he was a HUGE fan of Seinfeld, “Manhands.” And then he followed that announcement up by asking me out. Needless to say, I laughed in his face. You don’t win a girl over with a nickname like “Manhands!” I thought that one should have been pretty self-apparent! Maybe it’s just me. If that would have won you over, let me know. I’d really be curious to know if that would work on anybody??

4. In this world where a person is lucky to have one truly amazing, forever, “I would do anything in the world for you” sort of friend, I have been blessed with two.  Chris and Christa, you guys are AMAZING! I am so lucky to have you in my life!!

5. When I was in Bangladesh, I almost became the focal point for a mob riot. Seriously. It was a religious holiday and one of the large group of men who had been at the local mosque for said holiday spotted me, pointed me out to the men around him, and I was suddenly the target for hundreds of large rocks that were hurled at me. Lucky for me, I happened to have an especially savvy rickshawala that day. He high tailed me out of there lickety split so I didn’t become the newest martyr for the church. All because I have blond hair and obviously must be from the “Great Satan” (which is how they refer to the US). That is not an experience I will ever forget!

Let me tell you! You just haven’t lived until you have almost been stoned to death by a mob of angry muslims! After that, no wonder I find the normal American life so bland and boring most of the time! 😉

6. My nicknames in Junior High were Barbie and Amazon Woman. (Both of which I hated!) I grew eight inches in one year and towered over all the boys all through middle school. Which of course also meant that when all the other girls were experimenting with their first boyfriends, I sat at home listening to Debbie Gibson and feeling sorry for myself. Gotta love adolescence!

7. I had zero fashion sense until I was a sophomore in college. I pretty much dressed like an old lady. It was so bad that I didn’t even know that anybody other than Hanes made underwear. Fancy underwear were not even on my radar ( no wonder I didn’t get asked out on a date until that year!). Victoria’s Secret? What was that? It took my best college buddy, the before mentioned Chris, introducing me to the store and insisting that I buy some to pull me into the modern fashion world. Now I fancy myself quite the fashion guru and only wish I’d come into the know when I had the figure to go with the styles!

Now for the second part of accepting my prestigious award! (Can’t you hear a Christmas Story in your head right now? :D)

I am supposed to link my fifteen favorite blogs for you to go check out. They are to be the new recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m a bit sheepish here. I have to admit, as a busy stay at home mom who has to clean her own house (unlike most of my friends) and who has to cook (most of my friends just order carry out) and who does not have her child in a Mother’s Day Out program (again, like most of my friends do), not to mention that I am attempting to finish my book and launch my writing career, well, let’s just say that that does not leave a lot of time to follow blogs. I have been making more of an effort lately, but the list grows slowly so I will do my best and put my favorites here for you to check out, though whether or not there are fifteen . . . well . . .

In an attempt to truly pick fifteen worthy bloggers, I am going to spend some time tonight really looking at the bloggers I have connected with and maybe some new ones that I will discover shortly and put together a diverse and worthy list. Check back tomorrow for those that I’ve chosen! I know it’s technically not supposed to be done that way, but, well . . . I never have been a conformist! 😀


5 thoughts on “Aww . . .Shucks Folks! I’m Speechless!

  1. Congrats dear! Aw, and to be known as the friend who introduced you to leopard print knickers- well, wouldn’t have it any other way!! 🙂 Keep on a writin’!

  2. Congrats! You totally deserve it! I can’t believe some guy used the “manhands” as a pick up line! Wonder what kind of woman actually ended up with him…Lol! I love Italy, also. It is my favorite European destination. 🙂

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