I think I am an Event Junkie!

            I’ve been sitting here with my morning cup of coffee trying to figure out why I feel so BLAH. Granted, there are lots of things in my life that I would like to (need to) change, but I really don’t think it has to do with the reflection on what went wrong in 2011 and what I want to see out of 2012. It’s more basic than that.

            I am an event junkie! What, you may ask, is an event junkie? Well, I need something on the horizon, something to look forward to. I can cope with the status quo when I know that in a few weeks, x,y or z is going to happen and I get to break away from the monotony of my daily life. Thus, an event junkie!

            So here I am on the post side of Christmas with all the excitement and busyness behind me and I am looking at the stark boring months of January and February. BLAH. I should be content with the little things, and I would be, if there was something on the horizon, but the only thing on the horizon is Valentine’s Day (and let’s be honest, when you’ve been married for 12 years and have three children, Valentine’s Day usually doesn’t even hit your radar!) and my birthday (which is a day I would just as soon ignore this year). Get ready for the two most boring months of the year!

            From Easter on (or even March if you get to do something fun on spring break) it seems like there is always something great around the corner. Spring break leads to Easter, which leads to the end of school, which leads to all the fun trips and activities of summer which leads to school starting, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, and culminates into Christmas. And then BAM! You have to trudge through the two stagnate months before anything fun starts to happen!

            So, what does an event junkie like me do? I stare at my planner. I will it to fill. I actively try to fill it up with mildly enjoyable activities that will pass the time until I have something truly event worthy to break me out of the treadmill that is my life.

            Pretty sad, eh? But there it is, the sad truth. Not sure how to fix it, so I think I’ll disappear into my latest good read and ignore the house that needs to be cleaned, at least for a little while. Some good escapism might just do the trick!


6 thoughts on “I think I am an Event Junkie!

  1. Mother usually comes to visit in January, and or Febuary, that’s exciting isn’t it? Hoping for the end of January. Your sister has the same condition. Enjoy each and every day. Reflect and count your blessings. Always remember God is very, very big…and in control!

    • Maybe that’s part of the problem this year! I don’t know if and when you can come this year. You’re right, I usually do have that to look forward to. 🙂 So get better so you can visit!

  2. Have a Valentine’s party… invite everyone you love! 🙂 I am doing it this year for the first time, because in the Holiday season, inevitably, we always miss spending time with someone. Everyone is over booked. I decided the other day we would have a Valentine’s party as sort of “the end” to the holidays, and some time together ANYWAY! 🙂

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