Pass Me Another Glass of Wine . . . and My Pillow Please!

            I have never been what you would call a party animal. (Yes, I can hear the snickers from those of you who think I have always been the farthest thing from it!), but I think that I have taken it to a whole new level these days.

            First of all, I totally forgot it was New Year’s Eve. Yep, forgot until that afternoon at which point I mumbled to one of my kids, “I suppose we should do something . . .” and then I promptly forgot about it again.

            When my husband came home from work he had the same kind of scratching the head, “So what are you thinking for tonight” thought I had had. We kind of shrugged at each other and both said that we should at least do something.

            Well that something, ended up being a pretty big nothing. We started with a rip-roaring episode of Veggie Tales. We even turned the volume way up loud and belted the silly songs at the tops of our lungs. That led to our familiar “night, night” routine with the kiddos, at which point Aaron and I kind of looked at each other again, scratched our heads and said a collective, “Now what?”

            We decided on a thrilling cribbage competition! Yep, woo hoo! Aren’t you jealous!? 😉 I pretty much kicked his butt and we went back to scratching our heads.

            Finally Aaron just asked, “So, would you mind if I went out and played poker with the guys?”

            I thought about it and truly, I didn’t really care, so we parted ways and I went back to pondering just what I should do with myself as I waited to bring in the year that is supposed to end the world. Seems like I should do something, right?

            That’s when I had a great idea! I thought of that bottle of wine that has been sitting in my fridge for the last three months just waiting for such an occasion. That would be perfect for the night! So I cracked open the bottle and settled into a chick flick.

            The only problem was that drinking wine alone puts you to sleep. Before I knew it my eyes were drooping and I was having a tough time staying awake at all.

            So I thought about it a little bit. “Ahhh . . . who really cares about welcoming the New Year in anyway? It’s not like when I was twenty and I was hoping that some guy would kiss me. Who cares if it’s 10:30 and it’s New Year’s?”

            So, I drank another glass of wine, which did the trick. It put me straight to sleep.

            Now that is a New Year’s to remember! 😉


6 thoughts on “Pass Me Another Glass of Wine . . . and My Pillow Please!

  1. I had planned on letting the kids stay up til midnight, but the crankiness started to peak around 10, and I changed my mind… off to bed I sent the little ones, while the teenager hung out in her room, and the middle child (who was once the baby) and I sat out on the trampoline looking at the firecrackers neighbors were shooting off, hoping none of them landed on us! Looks like we have a few things in common, as writers of books and poetry and keepers of NO SPARE TIME! Like your blog, hope you’ll follow mine! 🙂

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