Valentine’s Day Can Just Stick It! Pass the Eggnog!

            When I was a kid there was a “holiday season.” You didn’t just celebrate the holiday itself. The whole time from Christmas Eve to New Year’s (heck, from Thanksgiving!) was festive. It didn’t matter that Christmas was over, the trees were still up and the lights were still lit. There was still a kind of “afterglow” from Christmas.

            This just doesn’t seem to be the case any more. Yesterday I went to the mall and was shocked to see that they had already taken the huge Christmas tree and all the decorations down. I walked into a Starbucks and it was the same thing. All hint of the holidays had been stripped away and we were still days away from New Year’s! It stole away some of the Christmas magic I was still feeling!

            About five years ago I moved to Texas. I’m not sure if that is the difference or if times are just changing. I mean, the 65 degree days and the green grass, do kind of take away from the overall Christmas feeling! But, I really don’t think that is it.

            Why the rush to leave it all behind before the Christmas cookies are even gone? I can still almost hear the sleigh-bells, but now they’re cramming Valentine’s Day down my throat! Ugh!

            Enough already! Can we savor the moment a bit before rushing on to the next one? Can we slow down for just a little so we can really enjoy it all? It’s such a mad rush to Christmas day (especially for moms!) and then they want to whisk it all away before I’ve even had a chance to slow down enough to enjoy it all in the first place! Sometimes I really hate commercialism!

              So, in defiance of the commercial push, I am going to leave my tree up for at least another week. I am going to eat my Christmas cookies while listening to a Christmas song, and I am not going to spare the slightest thought for Valentine’s Day for at least another month! Valentine’s Day can just stick it for all I care! 😉

Merry Christmas AND a Happy New Year! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Can Just Stick It! Pass the Eggnog!

  1. I totally agree. I noticed the same things at the stores by me. I actually saw Cadbury creme eggs for Easter out at the grocery store today. Ridiculous. We usually leave our tree up and lit until January 6th, but I think I may leave it until mid-January just to be contrary. 🙂

  2. I don’t care a bit about Valentines day yet, but since my tree was ugly this year, I was happy to take it down! 🙂 Add in a wicked ongoing case of PMS, and I NEEDED my living room clean, or I would have gone bonkers. . .

  3. When it comes to retailers, they are vile… they are on to the next “seasonal” merchandise… I was shocked to see Christmas stuff in the store at Halloween, and now it’s the over picked clearance isle. Their commercialism steals the magic…. Be a rebel, leave your tree up as long as you can stand it! I, on the other hand, am square-footage challenged… mine can’t stick around for long… 7 kids don’t leave room for much else!

  4. Wowza! Seven kids! You must take chaos to a whole new level over there! I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up myself. When we moved into this house we only had 2 kids with no intention for another. It’s a bit tight since we added little Lil to the mix and despite my defiance I keep eyeing it up and thinking that it is kind of in the way . . . 🙂

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