Post Christmas Comatose

            I am sitting here, with my third cup of coffee, trying to get myself to think clearly, much less get motivated. My brain feels sluggish and my reflexes seem slow. I think Christmas gave me the beat down!

            Don’t get me wrong, Christmas was great! It was a total success in the kids department despite our finances being so tight this year (thanks to craigslist and thrift town!). Seeing Arabelle’s excitement about Santa was priceless. She even got the bike she asked Santa for thanks to her aunt and uncle who didn’t mind letting Santa get all of the credit. My dad bought me a brand new Bunn coffee pot so I’m back to having a truly excellent, hot cup of coffee in the mornings for the first time in months. My husband even gave me a morning to myself. Overall, Christmas was a total success!

            Still, two days after, I feel like I have brain fry and that Scrooge did a body snatch in the middle of the night. My kids are still flying high from excitement and sugar overload, while I seem to have crashed and need about two weeks of solid sleep to recover. The bickering that is the norm when all three kids are home has me feeling downright grumpy!

            I guess I never realized how much work moms put into Christmas. I never really noticed all that much despite the fact that I’ve been a mom myself for a decade. We deserve some sort of award!

            The mad rush to get everything ready for Christmas was huge this year. Then you have the explosion on Christmas day. Now I am left looking at the after math of a house torn apart and guess who gets to clean it? Yep, yours truly. I think I’ll just ignore it all and go back to bed!

            I never realized how much my mom did to make Christmas magical for me year after year. I wish I had realized then so I could have let her know how much I appreciated it! Still, belated though it may be:

Mom, thanks for making my childhood so magical! I understand now all the time and energy you put into it, and the warm, happy memories I have are testimony to what a great job you did! Thank you!

           I suppose someday my kids will understand too and I’ll get that thank you I’ve been looking for! Until then, I’d better get another cup of coffee because this house isn’t going to clean itself and my kids can’t seem to go a minute without needing me to come to the rescue for something or other!

Update: Gavin just came up to me and told me I’m a good mom . . . maybe they do notice . . .at least a little bit! 🙂


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