Food, Family and Cheeseheads, the Stuff Memories are Made of!

         Fall is my favorite time of year. Growing up in the Midwest, I got to see autumn at its most gorgeous. Every fall I would wait anxiously for the nip in the air that signaled the beginning of sweater weather. To me that nip was the indicator of things just around the corner. It was the harbinger of candles flickering and cozy nights curled under blankets, family time and the holidays approaching, the smells of baking and kettles of hot soup, and football.

          Ever since I was a little girl, football has been a family tradition. After all, I grew up in Wisconsin and anyone who knows us cheeseheads knows that we are diehard Packer fans (with the exception of my friend Shanon who is just nuts! 😉 )

           To me, fall is as much about football as it is about Thanksgiving and pumpkins. Fall without football would simply be unthinkable and I am very thankful that the owners and players got their acts together so we still had football this year! I think this fall would simply have felt a bit surreal without it!

            Now, a true Packer fan is not a fair weather fan. Though the Packers are at the top of the heap right now, my first memories are a bit more dismal. I remember year after year where we could barely pull off a win a year (think Detroit of the last decade minus this year). The Packers before Favre were not a happy place and despite how many Packer fans have turned on him, I can’t help but love Favre for bringing us out of obscurity! Yet, despite the very sad showing, my whole family faithfully watched the debacle and lunch was even planned around halftime, because if a cheesehead is anything, we are loyal!

            When my husband and I got together, we knew that the football tradition would continue. He, after all, is as big a Cowboy fan as I am a Packer fan. The only question was if I could shelve my hatred for his boys after they beat us in the championship back in ’94. Oh what we do for love!  Somehow,Dallas has become my second favorite team since meeting Aaron!

            So the tradition continues and our family time centers around the game. Halftime has gotten shorter so in the spirit of the north we have a cheese tray and a fruit and veggie tray in lieu of lunch. We snuggle and root for the Pack and Big D both, except when they have played for each other which is when it’s the most fun of all!

            Even my girls get into it. Yes, princess  girly girls though they be, they know the basic rules and get into the cheering as well.  The kids might color as they watch, or they might go outside and play for a while, but their earliest memories are going to include my roots, football and cheese and lots of snuggle time in the midst of it all. For them too, the fall will be about food, family and football and all the memories we’ve made cheering them on.


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