The Magic is in the Small Stuff

            As gorgeous as a Texas spring is, it is the fall that I am truly in love with. Maybe it’s the Midwestern girl in me, but when summer turns to fall, I find myself smiling more. There is something about fall that just seems to add to the general contentment of life.

            As a parent it may have something to do with the kids being back in school! 😉 After all, a summer of bickering can leave anyone feeling stressed! And yet, it is the special time spent with my kids during this season that adds to my overall anticipation of the season. It is the season of pumpkin patches and campfires. It is the season of football and piles of leaves to jump in. It is a time of long walks and great chats.

            Yet, it is the small stuff that speaks fall to me the most. The chill in the air, the cozy comfort of curling up in a chair with a blanket and something hot in my hand . . . to me this is contentment. The flickering of a candle and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees . . . .

            In our modern age of busyness, it is so easy to lose the simple moments. Our culture is one of constant activity. We are told that a happy person is one whose planner is full of engagements. From the time our children can walk we are signing them up for every activity under the sun. We have lost the art of being alone with our own thoughts and simply hanging out together as a family without any “activities” to keep us entertained.

            My kids’ favorite time is when we cuddle up together on the couch and we chat. It’s not the pumpkin patch. It’s not even Six Flags. It’s when they have mom and dad’s undivided attention and we hold them close and listen to the workings of their very interesting little minds. That is when they feel the most loved and the most connected with us. It’s not the big activities we plan, it’s the small stuff like a chat over a cup of hot cocoa.

            So, as we enter the holiday season that can so easily become one of constant chaos and activity, let’s take the challenge of not losing the simple moments. Let’s slow down and enjoy the nip in the air, the sound of the wind in the trees and the small moments with those we love the most.


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