The Only Thing to Fear is Not Trying!

            I’m about to start the return part of my Dallas to Wisconsin trek. This will be the third trip by myself with the kids. Most people think I’m crazy to do it. I agreed with them the first time I took the challenge, but I did it anyway. I’m glad I did. I learned a big life lesson in the process.

            Like most sane people, the idea of hitting the road by myself with three kids, the oldest only six (at the time), sounded pretty close to hell. I couldn’t do that! I mean, twenty hours in the car alone with them . . . I just couldn’t do that. (I can hear you thinking that to yourself as you read this!)  But, you know what? I found out I can! I set a limitation for myself that was not accurate.

            This got me to thinking. How often in life do I set boundaries/limitations for myself assuming that “I can’t do that!” I think more often than I would like to admit! I base those boundaries on what I know to be true about myself. That is a very logical thing to do. In fact, we all do that on a normal basis, but the truth is, I’m still getting to know myself, even at the age of thirty-four! There are things I will never discover about myself if I stay within the boundaries of what I know to be true about myself.

            A good example of this was me and drawing. For years I joked that I couldn’t even draw a straight line. I wasn’t good at art. It just wasn’t my thing. Then one day during summer break while I was in college, I picked up a pencil and decided to try. Why not? Let’s see how awful I really was!        As it turned out, I wasn’t awful at all. I was actually quite good! I surprised myself as much as anyone!

            Now one of my favorite hobbies is drawing. I never would have discovered my love of drawing or my talent if I hadn’t pushed the boundaries of what I “knew” to be true about myself.

            My challenge to myself, and to you, is to push the boundaries of what I know. Take a chance and try something that I don’t think I’ll be good at. Attempt something I don’t think I can do. Give myself a chance to expand my understanding of myself. Oftentimes, I might fall flat on my face, but other times I will find that I am stronger, and that I have more to offer, than I ever knew!

            What boxes do you keep yourself in? What could you achieve and who could you become if you press the boundaries of fear and self-limitation?? Those are certainly questions to ponder!  🙂


4 thoughts on “The Only Thing to Fear is Not Trying!

  1. Oh Heather how true this is! I am going to step outside my box more often. Who knows what I will learn at 53!!! I’ll let you know. Keep writing it is even better now that I have met your delightful children!

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