Guilty Pleasures: the excuse for hermithood

One of my best friends coined (or at least that is where I heard it first) the term “guilty pleasures.” I love that phrase! It caught my imagination and I began to ponder what my guilty pleasures were.

Hmm . . . guilty pleasures . . . I figured a lot of women would gravitate to chocolate or decadent desserts. Maybe shopping and shoes. Though I like all of those things to varying degrees, I certainly wouldn’t consider them a guilty pleasure.

Then it dawned on me. I knew what my guilty plesaure was. Hermithood. Turning into a voluntary recluse for  a short period of time every few months. Escapism. It usually involves books, lots and lots of them.

Yes, I know, not the typical guilty pleasure for a woman, and probably even less so for a mother, but there it is. Every few months I turn into an absolute recluse. I neglect my house. I don’t return phone calls. I avoid facebook. (Yes, I realize this is not a good thing to do when attempting to build a social network!) I don’t neglect my children of course, but I do allow them more independence. I hole away as much as I can. It’s heaven.

My latest recluse adventure, (actually the last two! I reread the whole series only a few months after reading them the first time) has been Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. Now there is a great bit of escapism! Check them out if you haven’t already.

There’s something to be said about living vicariously in a world that is our own in most ways, but far more interesting! And, I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush.

Eric, this nordic barbarian vampire, is absolutely drool-worthy! I like to picture him kind of like Clay Matthews (you Packer fans know who I’m talking about!) only more mature. After all, being that Clay is about 10 years my junior . . . blush. There’s got to be something wrong about that. Demi Moore would say otherwise . . .  Then again, I’m most definitely not Demi Moore! 🙂

So my guilty pleasure is to run away to a world of adventure, becoming totally immersed in it to the point of feeling somewhat disconnected from my own life. I guess it’s the point where my introverted self rises up and says that it refuses to pretend to be extroverted anymore!

What is your guilty pleasure? What is your indulgence tha defies responsibility or wisdom?

And if you don’t have one, take my advice and find one! It is so necessary to a person’s sanity! 😀


9 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures: the excuse for hermithood

  1. Great post! I totally agree with you on the absolute joy and peace curling up with a good book brings- the quiet, the ability to totally slip into another world- it is like a mini vacation! 🙂 I don’t read as much as I used to just because of how busy it is- when I sit down with a book, I like to curl up, get comfy, and not move for a while. Todd gets a little nervous when he sees me with a new stack, “ummmm, are you going to be available at all for conversation, etc, this weekend- or are you going to be completely lost?” The answer is usually -“what? . . did you say something???”
    New Sookie Stackhouse book due out May 3rd!!! 🙂

    • I’m totally with you on that! Even Aaron gets ignored when I go into my hernit stage! 🙂 I can’t wait for the next book! The next few months are going to bring several new great reads! So exciting!

  2. Guilty Pleasure:
    1. The Flirt: “How ‘u doin?” (insert creepy eyebrow raise here)
    2. The Proposition: “Let’s put the kids to bed early…ah, hell, they’ll be fine watching TV for about 20 min!”
    3. The Peep Show: “Oh, I’m sorry, were you taking a bath?”

  3. Aaron, that IS hilarious. I have countless guilty pleasures…watching entire seasons of “Gilmore Girls” and “LOST” for one. Cooking shows for another. And yes, the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures, reading “US Weekly” while sipping an iced caramel macchiato. It’s 100 percent junk food and a great diversion from decidedly normal life.

  4. Oh, one book I finished reading you might enjoy. It’s one of the quirky classics. Jane Slayre. I sure enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

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